Watertight International

  • Caro-Flood-Barrier-2
  • Domestic
  • Flood-Defence
  • Flood-Door-2
  • Flood-Door-3
  • Flood-Gate-1
  • Flood-Gate-2
  • Flood-Resistant-Airbricks
  • Groundworks-2
  • Groundworks
  • Inline-Non-Return-Valve
  • Non-Return-Valve
  • Option-2-Flood-Barrier
  • Sump-Pump-1
  • Temporary-Flood-Barrier
  • Waterproof-Brickwork
  • flood-door



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Watertight International
Flood Solutions, Protection, Resilience and Prevention
Firstly and foremost whether commercial or residential our key priority is customer experience. Watertight International core value is delivering a high quality solution dictated by the customers needs and tailored to their individual specific requirements Рfrom Survey, Production through to Installation and subsequent support.
We are an experienced inclusive business with an unparalleled product knowledge and expertise ensuring our clients stay confident and fully informed during the full service we provide.

Watertight International pride ourselves on utilising our robust network of suppliers and stakeholders, by ensuring effective, essential working relationships with them all. We successfully manage our supply chain to minimise disruption and ensure they are as invested in providing a successful seamless transition from Survey through to Handover.

Web www.watertightint.com
Email mark@watertightinternational.com
Tel 01928 352351
distance: 3,632 Miles
Address United Kingdom WA7 1NU
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