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Hydro-Logic Services (International) Ltd

Hydro-Logic Services are leaders in Flood Warning Systems provision with over 850 sites providing practical and timely warnings for councils and communities throughout the UK. We undertake design, installation and management of rainfall and water level monitoring systems to help manage flood risk.

Systems are designed to alert a range of different users, it may be to target council resource to a blocked trash screen or alert a flood warden or homeowner of a local flooding problem. Data is logged on a secure server and can be accessed by flood groups.

Alarms are sent by text and email to provide a timely warning of an elevated stream level or a high rainfall intensity.

To discuss how monitoring and warning solutions may help your flooding issues contact   enquiries@hydro-int.com



Web https://hydro-int.com/en-gb/services/hydro-logic-services
Email enquiries@hydro-int.com
Tel 01189331325
Fax 0118 933 1486
Address Reading, United Kingdom
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