Floodproof with Andel

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Floodproof with Andel

Andel Property Level Flood Defence Protecting your assets. Protecting the environment. 

Andel was founded in 1992 and is steadily growing to become a global market leader in the design, development and application of environmental protection systems. Andel is a Green and Trusted company that aims to develop Proactive and Cost-Effective solutions that put the Customer First.  

We offer a Turnkey package of property level flood defence solutions, consultation, installation, and support services. 

Property Level
Flood Defence:

Slow the Flow:

•       FloodAlert

•       FloodWall

•       FloodPump

•       Vortex

•       Natural
Flood Management


Andel FloodAlert® is ideal for surface water flood events not covered by the Environment Agency flood warning service.

• Cost-effective, real-time local flood alert.

• Easy to install and set up.

• Robust and reliable system.

• Three alert levels, tailored to each installation.

• Sends SMS and email alerts for timely to evasive action to protect your property.

• Live monitoring on a cloud-based portal.


Find out more about  FloodAlert: www.andel.co.uk/flood-defence/floodalert/

Andel FloodWall® is the cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative for perimeter flood defence.

• Cost-effective compared to traditional flood defence systems.

• A modular system designed for easy transportation and speedy on-site assembly.

• Suitable for both new build and retrofit installations, both residential and commercial.

• Panels and posts are constructed from nonporous, durable, 100% post-industrial recycled plastic waste.

• Environmentally friendly, reducing your carbon footprint compared to an all-concrete construction.

• Aesthetically sympathetic with a wood-effect finish.

• Steel reinforced posts for a robust installation.

Find out more about  FloodWall: www.andel.co.uk/flood-defence/floodwall/ 

Andel FloodPump® is an advanced, automatic flood pump system to protect buildings and areas at risk from flooding.

Works continuously and automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

• Operates up to two flood pumps

• Sends text alarm notifications and updates to mobile devices

• Sends alarm notifications and updates to a building management system  (BMS)

• Controls other flood defence closure equipment such as flood gates, flood-doors and drain

Find out more about  FloodPump: www.andel.co.uk/flood-defence/andel-floodpump/

Vortex FlowControl is an innovative, durable and low maintenance drainage flow limiter.

• Restricts water flows in sewer systems by using the natural flow of water within the unit.

• Able to set a predetermined maximum flow capacity.

• Suitable for overflow systems, stormwater systems, storage systems, combined systems, and rainwater systems.

• Durable stainless steel AISI 316 housing with no moving parts. 

Find out more about FlowControl: www.andel.co.uk/flood-defence/vortex-flow-control/ 

Andel supports local Natural Flood Management organisations

• Creating new woodlands.

• Reducing the flow of the water during heavy rain in different ways.

• Having new storage ponds.

• Rechannelling the river to slow down the flow.