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Monitoring systems – sensors that provide information about the water environment, such as rain gauges, river level gauges, ground water monitors, together with associated telemetry, software and alarm mechanisms. These systems can watch the rise and fall of a water course and feed this information back to your computer or mobile.

Simple flood alarms can also be fitted inside properties and work much like a smoke alarm. They are placed low down on an interior wall of a property and are triggered by contact with flood water.

Alarms for both local monitoring systems and national warning mechanisms can be found in this category.

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FLOODGUARD UK LTD . Trusted Flood Protection Since 1995.

FloodGuard UK Ltd manufacture and install a wide range of flood protection products including BS kite mark and our own range of flood protection product

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Hydro-Logic Services (International) Ltd

Reading, United Kingdom
Hydro-Logic Services are leaders in Flood Warning Systems provision with over 850 sites providing practical and timely warnings for councils and communities throughout the U