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IBS is one of the worldwide market leaders in the provision of temporary and demountable flood protection systems. Over recent years IBS has become more prominent in the flow control marketplace with high specification penstock and stoplog product ranges, which are an ideal accompaniment to the flood protection products.
IBS’ product portfolio includes -

- Property Flood Protection Systems
- Demountable Aluminium Flood Defence Systems
- Permanent Glass Wall Flood Defence System
- Flood Gates
- Penstocks
- Stoplogs
- Spill Barriers
- Container Filler

Accredited to ISO 9001:2008, IBS operates out of modern industrial premises in South Yorkshire from where we provide a broad spectrum of customers with an extremely high level of customer service in the design, supply and installation of flood protection and flow control products.

Our clients in the UK and Ireland include leading utility companies and their contractors, the Environment Agency, British Waterways, the OPW, local councils and many more.

If you have a requirement for flood protection or flow control products please feel free to contact us directly, or through our website, for technical advice and/or to arrange a site visit so that we can assess your requirements in more detail and tailor a solution accordingly.

Tel: 01302 630015
Fax: 01302 630014
email: moulds@ibsengineeredproducts.co.uk