StormMeister Flood Protection

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StormMeister Flood Protection

StormMeister® Flood Doors

Unique from anything else on the market, our UPVC Flood Doors operate with our patented Active Flood Seal™ which provides protection from flood water by using the hydrodynamic power of flood water itself. They exceed 48-hour PAS 1188-1:2014 the industry standard by some considerable margin.

Testing at our product testing facility in Preston demonstrates zero leakage at 600 mm flood height with ongoing flood resistance to heights well beyond that.

Our doors are the ONLY flood door on the market to comply with BS EN 12217 and the ONLY mechanically operated flood door with handle operation no more difficult than an everyday door. This means that StormMeister Flood Doors can be classified as fire exit doors as well as being easy to operate by anyone be they young, elderly or disabled.

StormMeister® Flood Barriers

Our Rapid Assembly Flood Barriers can be assembled in less than 2 minutes with no grub screws to place in, no spanner or wrenches needed! They have proven to be flood resistant up to a height 1.8m during testing in our tanks, exceeding PAS1188-1 2014 requirements by a huge margin.

StormMeister® Flood Gates

Here at StormMeister®, we offer both aluminium and timber flood gates to protect your home or business. Our Accoya timber flood gates are made from an advanced modified wood guaranteed for 50 years not to swell, shrink, or distort. Not only a highly performing material, but also sustainable and has minimal environmental impact.

StormMeister® Self-Sealing Airbricks

It’s important not to forget about if your property has airbricks in your flood protection plan! StormMeister® air bricks are built to allow air to flow freely under flood boards in normal conditions and automatically seal in flood conditions to prevent water rising through the floor.