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Sand Bagger

Our NATO Issue sand bagger will help you with your flood defences.

The sand bagger will work with most sand bags, and will increase the production rate of sand bags, near to where you need them the most, by 3 to 4 times. Hence saving valuable time and labour.

Sandbags (and lots of them) are essential for protection against floods. When you need them you want them quickly. The BCB Sandbagger will help you produce all you need, right where you need them. The BCB Sandbagger collapses to aid transportation and storage and can be erected in seconds. All parts remain attached which eliminates the possibility of loss and the machine is virtually maintenance free. With the saving in labour cost the sandbagger will pay for itself in the first day of use. The wide mouth hopper combined with the unique twin bag slide system allows either:

■ One person to fill 2 bags at once or
■ Two people to fill sandbags continuously

Robust: The design loads structurally the strongest points.
Quality: High quality steel used throughout.
Compact: Folding legs reduces its size by half for transport, or storage. Eight per Euro pallet 120cm high. No detachable components to lose. Light enough for one person to carry.
Flexible: The feet allow it to be used in a soft, dry sand. It can be used with dry earth or shale. Its strength and its large hopper mean it can also be filled by a small mechanical digger.

■ Few Moving Parts ■ Rust Proof ■ Virtually maintenance free ■ Plastic Coated finish ■ Easy to use – little training needed ■ Easily portable and stackable ■ Quick fill and removal of sandbags ■ Can be used with dry soil, salt or aggregates ■ Can be used with synthetic or hessian types of sandbags ■ Can be erected in less than one minute!

Size folded: 51 x 51.5 x 54.5 cm Size assembled: 51 x 51.5 x 92.5 cm Weight: 21.2 kg

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