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Signature Aromas Limited

The British designed and built Purazone is a portable UVC Light system that has been tested to CE and EOLAS standards.

UVC light destroys bacteria, viruses, moulds and VOCs.

The use of the portable system, after the initial clear up, will drastically reduce the Malodour that can permeate the area plus reduce any Moulds and Spores still in the Air. The Unit then passes the clean air over our 100% Aromatherapy Natural Oil blocks, to fragrance the area, further assisting in the reduction of the Malodour.

The system was originally funded by Government Office, with Coventry University, to help reduce cross infection in NHS hospitals.

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distance: 97 Miles
Address Signature House, 65-67 Gospel End Street, Sedgley, West Midlands DY3 3LR
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