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M3 Floodtec

M3Floodtec are the first UK Company to gain the new BSI kitemark for flood defence products
and these are now accredited to BS851188-2019 which supersedes the old PAS 1188 2014.

All of our flood defence products have been independently tested by the British Standards Institute to ensure compliance with the new standard.
British Standard  851188 is now recognised as the only standard for flood defence products by the Environment Agency and has been implemented on their National Property Flood Resilience framework contract.

With all of our products we offer a full inspection and feasibility service through to detailed design, planning, construction installation and commissioning. No matter what product you require M3 Floodtec will find you the best possible solution to meet your budget.

M3 Floodtec Products include:

Flood Defender Composite Doors

A highly engineered flood defence product. Its unique monocoque, single slab, high strength structure, with state of the art locks and superior quality seals give it unrivalled flood protection qualities. Tested to BS 851188-2019 for opening in and out, the Composite Flood Defender Door also boasts an outstanding U-Value of 0.64, an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating, triple glazing in a range of glass options and a choice of 10 attractive woodgrain colour finishes. The real appeal of the Composite Flood Door range is its flexibility. Whilst every door has been designed to provide superior flood protection to a depth of 900mm, customers can personalise their finished look by combining door style, glass choice, door furniture and colour to suit their individual property. More information

Flood Defender UPVC Doors 

A highly engineered flood defence product. Visually and functionally, in non flood conditions, the door performs as a ‘standard’ PVC door. The door features a number of sophisticated internal components enabling the door to perform as a flood proof door. Three Kitemarks to BS 851188-2019. Designed to mitigate against rising flood waters up to a height of 900mm. More information

Anti-Flood Airbrick

The world’s first BSI Kitemark certified airbrick to protect against flooding. It is the most efficient and effective airbrick replacement on the market. Its superior design is passive and it is self-activated by only one moving part. Designed to replace a standard airbrick  or multiples, it allows air to freely pass through, but under flood conditions its self-activating gate will automatically shut off. More information

Airbrick Cover 

Compact to store and takes only minutes to install. Simply pushed into pre-placed fittings in the holes of the airbrick and once in place, the screws are twisted to form a tight seal. Once flood waters subside the cover is removed by simply turning the hand wheelsMore information

Flood Defender Barrier 

The system is easily deployed and lightweight, but robust. Specially designed extrusions provide optimal sealing for reliable flood resilience. Flood Barriers are a cost effective option for door and other types of aperture defence. Barriers can either be bought ‘off the shelf’ in a range of predetermined widths or can be ‘custom made’ to suit the specific property requirements. More information

Backwater Valve 

An anti-flooding device protecting interiors from flooding caused by backflow of sewage. The 50mm backwater valve is an ideal anti-flooding device for protecting interiors from flooding caused by backflow of wastewater in all drainage-related systems such as washing basins, kitchen sinks, shower bases and dishwashing machinesMore information

Pushfit Valve 

110mm. This non-return valve offers a unique and robust solution for protection against sewage and water backflow. This easy to install retro-fit, nonreturn valve also includes a steel reinforced plate to guard against pests such as rats and snakes. A lockable flap allows you to close down entry pipes to inspection chambers to allow essential maintenance to be carried out and can be fitted onto both clay and plastic pipes. More information

Non-Return Valve 

160 / 110mm. Designed to be installed on the toilet system to stop back surge of sewage entering the property. The 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve is the UK’s only adaptable non-return valve that gives the benefit of passive protection due to the integral self-activating flap powered by the flood water. More information

Puddle Pump

Able to pump water down to 1mm, which makes it suitable for pumping large and small areas of water. With the dual position outlet port it can be used horizontally or vertically allowing more flexibility to avoiding kinking. This pump can operate for extended periods due to the high quality steel shaft, double mechanical seal and water & air cooling route to the top outlet. More information

Toilet Bung

This simple, inflatable device can be used to minimise sewage backflow through the toilet under flood conditions. Designed as a general purpose pipe stopper, when fitted in a toilet U bend, this product has been proven to reduce the risk of sewage backflow significantly. The bung is a strong rubber bag, attached to a hose with a Schrader valve on the end and it is supplied with a hand pump. More information

Sump & Pump

Sits below the ground floor to pump out water which enters through the ground. The pump removes water at a faster rate than it can enter. The benefit to this method of external installation removes excessive upheaval to the property owners and the subsequent costs caused by internal installation, which would otherwise require the joist to be cut out and supported. More information


Water repellent concentrate, which can be applied to above ground surfaces to create a protective waterproof seal. For use on above ground facade treatments such as: brickwork, cement rendering, asbestos, cement mineral boards, unglazed tiles, cast concrete, roughcast stone work, wood, canvas and leather. More information

Stop Log Barrier System
Lightweight, robust and versatile, designed to span wide distances and are easily deployed in a flood situation. Quick & Convenient, corrosion resistant, Maintenance free, suitable for use in residential, commercial, industrial & infrastructure. More information

Timber Gates
Ideal for driveways or entrances to properties where easy access is essential. The Gate is able to be closed swiftly and securely in the event of an imminent flood, while acting as a standard gate on a day to day basis. Tested to PAS 1188-1:2014. More information

Steel Flood, Fire & Security Door

Manufactured in the UK, the Steel Flood, Fire & Security Door is designed to offer secure protection against flood, fire and unauthorised entry. Highly versatile and cost effective, it is the ideal solution for unmanned or remote locations, such as utility sites, where high security levels are required. More information

Flood & Storm Gates

Steel and aluminium Flood Gates are a horizontally opening flood gate systems. The gate is controlled manually, with an option for hydraulic or electronic control. Suitable for coastal, estuarine & riverine flood protection. Standard sizes & bespoke designs available. Single spans of up to 6.0m in width and 4.0m high. More information

Glass Wall Barriers

Designed to offer unobtrusive, maximum protection without compromising the views. Blast & Ballistic Grade Glass. Anodised Aluminium or G316 Stainless Steel Frames. Low Cost 100% Protection. Single Frame or Modular Systems. More information

Self Activating Barrier (SAB)

The Self Activating Barrier’s success can be attributed to its’ simple yet ingenious approach to flood defence, using the advancing floodwaters to automatically raise the barrier, effectively using the problem as the energy to create a highly effective solution. Leading the world in effective, passive flood defence, The Self Activating Barrier (SAB), is a bespoke, multi-purpose solution designed to help manage flood risk across the globe. The SAB is BIM Level 2 Compliant More information
Come and see the products in action at our Test Facility in Droitwich

Flood Tank Testing Facility

Fundamental to our research and development program is our ability to access state of the art testing facilities for both domestic and commercial flood mitigation products – our Worcestershire head office is home to the UK’s first ever privately owned BSI approved Research & Development testing facility.
The specialist ‘tank’ is designed to test a range of flood mitigation products up to a water depth of 900m. 
The Test Tank features an array of barriers, doors and Gates as well as the Flood House.

The Flood House 

The Flood House allows visitors to experience flood conditions from inside a purpose built house, protected by a range of M3 Floodtec products.

  • Designed to test a range of flood mitigation products up to a water depth of 900mm 
  • Induced current – creating water speeds of >1.5m/s 
  • Wave force and load impact to 30kg
  • Showcasing the  Flood Defender Barrier, Flood Defender Doors, Flood Windows, Anti-flood airbrick, vent covers and more

Available to use by flood mitigation manufacturers to test their products to BSI Kitemark standards. Open to visits from industry stakeholders, homeowners, community flood groups and the media.

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