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Isothane Ltd

Technitherm® is our polyurethane spray foam insulation. Unlike traditional Insulation Technitherm®
is low absorbent so does not soak up water during a flood, meaning
water won’t pass through it damaging the inside of a property.

is a closed cell rigid insulation which is injected externally into the
property as a liquid and quickly expands and hardens completely filling
the cavity. This closed cell structure is what makes Technitherm® flood resistant, because this is what stops the water being absorbed by the foam and stops water passing through.

BS85500:2015 advises only closed cell polyurethane insulation should be used in flood risk areas.

It is the only product to pass both the BRE (British Research
Establishment) Flood Resilience Test and to meet their requirements for
use in walls with defective or missing damp proof courses

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