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Sandless sandbags that have proved themselves in action time and time again worldwide.

FloodSax are
transformed from being as light as a pillowcase (700 grams) to become as tough
and heavy as sandbags (44lb) within five minutes. 
They are vacuum-packed so
take hardly any space to store and 20 fit into a cardboard box that one person
can easily carry with hundreds taken to the scene in a car. Compare that to 20 sandbags that would need a pallet and a large van or lorry.

They can stop water and tons of debris in its tracks and divert torrential floodwater down drains away from homes and businesses. Indoors simply pop them on a leak and they’ll soak it straight up. Ideal for those hard-to-reach places beneath kitchen appliances and radiators.
FloodSax also stop filthy sewage water from backing up through the drains by putting one down the toilet. Simple as that. Emergency management expert Tim Shipman, who runs disaster recovery
services for a company in the USA that has nine major distribution centres and
around 1,700 retail locations, now only uses FloodSax instead of sandbags.

He said: “FloodSax are very easy to use and are less labour intensive than
trying to use the normal type of sandbag and much more effective and efficient
when used properly.”