Floodframe – flood protection for your buildings with a cost effective, automated flood barrier.

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Floodframe – flood protection for your buildings with a cost effective, automated flood barrier.

FloodFrame is the simple, cost-effective solution that provides resistance to flooding for your home, business or infrastructure.

FloodFrame is installed around the property, providing a hidden permanent barrier. It activates automatically when the water level rises. FloodFrame does not require electricity and will activate as needed when it floods, even if no one is at home or available to help.

FloodFrame consists of a heavy-duty waterproof cloth, customised to the property’s specification. It is neatly stowed and concealed in a container, buried around the perimeter of the building, about 1 metre from the building itself. If the flood waters rise and risk affecting your property, the mechanism automatically activates, releasing the flood protection cloth from its container. As the water level rises, its pressure causes the cloth to unfurl towards and up around the walls of the building. As FloodFrame is a tailor-made solution, we can ensure it automatically protects the building to a specific level, relative to flood risk in your area. It has an automatic release function when flood waters are detected, but FloodFrame can also be activated manually, should you wish to do so. When Floodframe has been activated and used in a flood, the cloth can be removed and a new one installed. The service subscription includes an annual check, so you can rest assured that everything is in optimal working order in readiness for when Floodframe is needed.

The Floodframe flood protection system is tried and tested, having been developed in Denmark and successfully installed at properties in a variety of locations and situations. Floodframe is patent pending and was developed in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and Danish Hydraulic Institute. When you protect your property with FloodFrame, you are assured that you have invested in an original high-quality product.