FloodFlash | a new kind of commercial property insurance




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FloodFlash | a new kind of commercial property insurance
Do you struggle to find insurance for your business or commercial property due to flood risk? Has your insurer added a large excess to your cover to cover flooding? Have your premiums increased due to recent floods in your area? FloodFlash is a new insurance product that helps you keep control of your businesses recovery. What’s more, we always provide a quote, regardless of the risk so even when the worst happens your business isn’t on the line.
How it works
Insurance can be really complicated, so we decided to make it a little simpler:
  1. choose your settlement amount and the depth of flood at which you receive it
  2. our engineers pop round and install a state of the art sensor
  3. as soon as our sensors confirm when your depth has been reached, we pay out
  4. you start your businesses recovery
Why choose FloodFlash
Some of the FloodFlash benefits:
  • Design your premium to suit your costs
  • Rapid payout (w/ no loss adjustment) so you can start your recovery quicker
  • No restrictions on how you spend the settlement; stock replacement, wages, business interruption – use the money for whatever suits you
  • Rewards resilience, get a cheaper quote if you’ve installed flood defences
  • Available everywhere, we quote regardless of the risk
  • No excess, so you don’t to fork out when you make a claim
Examples of FloodFlash in action
We’ve already provided cover for many businesses across Britain, including light industry, farms, manufacturing plants, retailers, sports clubs, and landlords. Here are a few testimonials from our existing customers:
  • After suffering 3 floods in 10 years our insurers were very reluctant to provide any flood cover at all. FloodFlash has given our business a lifeline if we suffer a future flood – Alex Harding – Harding & Redgewell
  • Without FloodFlash we would have no flood insurance at all, which is a massive worry for a community sports club having suffered a number of floods previously. The premium is affordable and the service has been fantastic” – Ronnie Bell – Carlisle Squash Club
  • The club are very happy with the cover, they haven’t been able to get it anywhere else for quite a few years now and have had to put funds aside to try and build up a reserve. With floodflash they’re now able to start investing those funds in the club again so it really will make a difference to them and I expect they’ll be some referrals off the back of it for others in the area.”  Charlie Jarvis – NDML
We believe no business should fail due to flooding – apply for a quote on our website today.
FloodFlash is a registered coverholder at Lloyd’s of London and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Web floodflash.co
Email enquiries@floodflash.co.uk
Tel 0333 016 5466
Address 117 Waterloo Road London SE1 8UL
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