Andel Flood Defence and Leak Detection

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Andel Flood Defence and Leak Detection


Protecting your assets. 

Protecting your environment. 

Committed to Sustainability.


At Andel, we know how to protect your property against flooding. 

Get your FREE consultation and call us at 0148 4845 000.

Andel was founded in 1992 and is one of the leading environmental service companies in the UK. We have seen an increase in flooding over the past decade and a rising demand for solutions.  

We care about finding the best solution for our customers – whether it be Residential or Commercial solutions. 

This is why we independently compare products and invest in the development of new ideas.

What we can do for you:

Property level flood protection measures

Independent consultation:  Get a FREE visit from one of our experienced installation engineers, and we will compare the best products to provide a cost-effective quote. 

Installation: All our installation engineers are friendly, have years of experience and will provide a high-quality service.

Service: We provide a 24/7 flood support service to answer any flood-related questions.

Our products

Andel FloodAlert is designed to provide local communities with an early warning of rising water levels. FloodAlert measures the level of water at the surface and below-ground
and sends SMS and e-mail alerts to give you time to take evasive action. Click here for more information.

Andel FloodWall is a
cost-effective, environmentally friendly perimeter flood defence, which gives 24/7 protection to your property against the risk of flooding. Click here for more information.


Andel FloodBlox® are
easy-to-use, de-mountable, lightweight flood barriers that close off openings such as pathways, gates, garage and warehouse doors up to 6 meters wide. Click here for more information.


Andel FloodPump is an
advanced, automatic flood pump system to protect buildings and areas at risk from flooding. Click here for more information. 


Additional Products:

Water Repellent paint

Self Closing Airbricks

Portable dewatering puddle pumps