Temporary Flood Barriers

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Temporary flood defences are free standing barriers that impede the flow of water and are intended to prevent water entering the perimeter of a property. There is a very wide variety designed to protect individual properties, groups of properties, or much broader scale applications.

They are often used by communities to reduce the risk to several houses and work by diverting water away from properties or by channelling water within its course to prevent it dispersing into buildings.

Some temporary defences are inflatable, others are modular meaning they can be linked together to create a barrier, whilst others use the weight of the water to form the barrier.

Products should conform to PAS 1188-2:2014 – Flood Protection products. Part 2: Temporary flood protection products. Advertisers should declare what installation accreditation systems they adhere to and this should be clearly stated on their website.

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Flood Protection Solutions Ltd

Suite 6, Ash House, Private Road no 8, Colwick Industrial Estate, Nottingham NG42JX
The Water-Gate™ barrier is a roll out barrier which defends against flooding. It is much more effective than sandbags and offers incredible value for money.

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