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Alternatives to traditional sandbags that help to prevent water from entering a property and which may also help to soak water up. They usually come vacuum packed, ready for use and are light and easy to handle. There are many examples of these products, which can be stored until needed and then disposed of – they can’t be used twice. There are some on the market that are biodegradable and can be easily disposed of on site.

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UK Sandbags

15/17 Langthwaite Road, Langthwaite Business Park, South Kirkby WF9 3AP
Our efficient delivery service and quality products ensure you have what you need, when you need it most.  We are able to boast the best prices in the UK on plastic and hessian pre filled sandba

Barrier 12-7-2016

J & J. Carter Ltd (ECODAM)

Unit 2, 34 Walsworth Road Business Park, Andover, Hampshire SP10 5LH
ECODAM is a Patented water filled flood barrier which is made from high tensile PVC membrane material. ECODAM is environmentally friendly and can be reused on numerous occassions.

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Mudfords Limited

400 Petre Street Sheffield S4 8LU South Yorkshire
Supplier of Hessian Sandbags, Polypropylene Sandbags and Tarpaulins Hessian sandbags are entirely biodegradable and act as great emergency flood protection. Hessian sandbags supplied unfilled. Black P