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Pumps can be used to help maintain rising groundwater at a level that is manageable during times of flood, or where it is entering a building from other sources. There are also pumps for removing water from a property or area.

There are many different types of pump, from those that are set to automatically remove water from a cellar or basement (sump pumps); portable puddle sucker pumps for use within a property; to large pumps that can help to reduce the risk of flooding for a particular community.

These need to be specialist pumps and it is important to take advice on the size and capacity that is needed for your particular circumstance.

Details of conformity to any standards must be publicly available.

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Flood Protection Solutions Ltd

Suite 6, Ash House, Private Road no 8, Colwick Industrial Estate, Nottingham NG42JX
The Water-Gate™ barrier is a roll out barrier which defends against flooding. It is much more effective than sandbags and offers incredible value for money.

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