Manual Flood Boards

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Boards that are fitted manually in to doorways and other openings to limit water entering through the gap. They are not permanent but are put in place when there is a risk of flooding.

Some doors don’t need any fittings to the doorway, other boards have permanent fixtures around the door frame to slot the boards into. Keep in mind your own personal circumstances when it comes to the size, weight and fitting of the board and what you can manage.

Standards are covered by BSI PAS 1188:2014. Advertisers should indicate which of their products are covered by the standard and declare what installation accreditation systems they adhere to. The appropriate certification should be available and displayed on their website.

Where the product conforms to a different standard, such as an international standard, this should be declared in the same way

FLOODGUARD UK LTD . Trusted Flood Protection Since 1995.

FloodGuard UK Ltd manufacture and install a wide range of flood protection products including BS kite mark and our own range of flood protection product

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M3 Floodtec

M3Floodtec are the first UK Company to gain the new BSI kitemark for flood defence products and these

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Dam Easy Flood Barrier Door Dam - Secure Your Home In Under 5 Minutes

Ireland, County Louth, Ardee, Unti 19A Ardee Business Park

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