National Flood Forum and Blue Pages Directory

Welcome to the National Flood Forum’s ‘Blue Pages’

This is an independent directory of flood protection products and services. It has been put together to advise and inform you about what’s available to help you protect your home or business against flooding. Whilst the National Flood Forum cannot endorse any of these products we are happy to provide this resource to help you make informed decisions.

One word of caution: where there is a risk of flooding to a depth of more than 0.9m, keeping water out can sometimes do more harm than good. The pressure of water against your property may cause structural damage to the building itself. You can also read the Environment Agency’s guidance on buying products here.

In order to use these products most effectively, we recommend you sign up for Floodline Warnings Direct from the Environment Agency by clicking here or calling Floodline on 0845 988 1188 You can also read the Environment Agency’s own guidance on how to prepare your property for flooding in the following leaflets (both English and Welsh):

Protecting your property leaflet 
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